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The strategy is sound but your timeframe of 4 weeks for a new player to compete is way off the mark. It’s not possible to develop 4 T8 sure to win high power teams in even 2 months an of play from scratch. Even when a fresh player does manage to get to that point, the Cute Deadpool I’m A Unicorn Shirt. So the goalposts will have moved and you’ll need 5 or 6 teams and 1.5 million points. New F2P players will always be lagging behind like this. I started 4 weeks ago to the day. I’ve got 1 team that can do it reliably for the earlier fights, probably for 8-4 too. And one other team that can do like 8-1 reliably but nothing higher. Folks who are behind now will stay behind unless Blitz is adjusted somehow.

Cute Deadpool I’m A Unicorn Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Cute Deadpool I’m A Unicorn Tank Top
Tank Top
Cute Deadpool I’m A Unicorn V-neck

That’s true even if they maximize their daily gains. I’m pretty much using that lineup. Once I start getting past T6, things start getting dicey. I don’t know if it’s gear or shards or what. The power level difference starts making matches iffy.  If you can get to 8-1, you can throw the next match with a Cute Deadpool I’m A Unicorn Shirt. As long as you have a pretty big roster, you should be able to do this without using too many charges on the junk teams. If you can win fairly reliably in 8-2, it’s much better because you get two real matches for every thrown match, but still. The key is to keep an eye out for the right match-ups, and playing them correctly is really important.

Official Cute Deadpool I’m A Unicorn Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Cute Deadpool I’m A Unicorn Sweatshirt
Cute Deadpool I’m A Unicorn Hoodie

I think it’s quite a lot weaker with Drax rather than Cap by the way – giving allies energy is incredible and wins matches on its own if the Cute Deadpool I’m A Unicorn Shirt! And that extra Dispell I think is more useful than anything Drax offers. I’ve only had **one** match where a character actually died who wouldn’t have if there was a Pretaunt. So yea, you want to look for the right match-up. And then you want to play it right. What to look for? I always try and fight 2 tank teams, often ones with crossbones in them. If they have a healer as well, then definitely fight them because only have 2 damage dealers should allow you to win fairly comfortably. Also, keep an eye out for the really slow or weak characters.

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