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All of the customs, glitter. And traditions of Christmas. Which were taken Funny I Wanted You The Moment I Saw You I Loved You After Knowing Dalmatian Shirt. From pagan witchcraft and popularized by the Roman Catholic Church. And we will focus on the true meaning of the words, “Merry Christmas!” The word “Merry” is simple to define. If you design or have someone design your card you may choose to have it printed at your local Kinko’s (well, I think they are called FedEx stores now) or Office Depot. Merry Momma Katy has used Office Depot in the past and her cards are absolutely PRECIOUS. With any of these best Christmas fonts, you’ll craft nice and merry cards or marketing commercials.

 Funny I Wanted You The Moment I Saw You I Loved You After Knowing Dalmatian Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt, And Hoodie

I Wanted You The Moment I Saw You I Loved You After Knowing Dalmatian Hoodie- Design By
I Wanted You The Moment I Saw You I Loved You After Knowing Dalmatian Sweatshirt- Design By
I Wanted You The Moment I Saw You I Loved You After Knowing Dalmatian Tank Top- Design By
Tank Top
I Wanted You The Moment I Saw You I Loved You After Knowing Dalmatian V-neck- Design By

You can also see more ideas on my pages about boyfriend gift ideas and Christmas gift ideas for  Funny I Wanted You The Moment I Saw You I Loved You After Knowing Dalmatian Shirts your husband. Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more attractive. With you at my side, I just know for sure that we can make the world a more beautiful place this Christmas. Only make sure that the person concerned is a close one of yours or else. You might end up hurting her making her more grumpy. We hope that the upcoming Christmas and New Year bring lots of happiness and success in your life. We hope you enjoy this page and we wish you the best of the season!

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14 reviews for Funny I Wanted You The Moment I Saw You I Loved You After Knowing Dalmatian Shirt

  1. Daisy S (verified owner)

    When I discovered this bed jacket with Peter Pan Collar on Amazon and in a light, baby pink, I had to order it at once as a light pink bed jacket is so hard to find these days! Because I like my bed jackets to be very roomy (even though I am a petite and small person), I ordered an XL. And glad I ordered the XL because this really does run a little small — at least one size small in my opinion. And I ordered it in XL because I can place 2 shirts under this jacket for layering on very cold nights.
    So I recommend this superb jacket to you for the following reasons:

    1) Quality – The overall quality is MUCH better I have found than other bed jackets in the past. This jacket is much SOFTER and THICKER and it has better overall workmanship.

    2) Length of sleeves and overall length – This jacket has ¾ sleeves (but on mine since it is larger than normal the sleeves are like regular long sleeves (which I prefer to ¾ sleeves). ***If you order a regular size say Small, Medium (your regular size) then the sleeves will fit you a ¾ length.

    3) Warmth – This jacket has ultra-soft fleece inside so this jacket is so so warm and feels so cozy. For me, when I put this jacket on, I begin to relax and go to bed and watch TV or read and stay warm.

    4) Thickness – This jacket is lightweight, however, the material is a fluffy fleece inside and outside. The outside fleece is velvety soft and the inside is a thicker fleece for added warmth.

    5) Softness – The jacket comes right out of the package soft. However, I wash clothing before I wear it the first time. And after I washed and dried it, it came out even softer. This is the SOFTEST bed jacket that I have ever owned.

    6) Washing/Drying/Shrinkage – NO Shrinkage even after washing and drying (but I wash in cold water with Woolite Gentle Detergent (for washers) and then I add Gain Fabric Softener Liquid to the rinse). It washed and dried just fine, color stayed the same with no shrinkage and took about 40 minutes to dry in a fully loaded dryer.

    7) Many purposes for this jacket – This is a bed jacket, however, the design is more like a very high quality sweater or jacket. So for a very casual purpose, say running errands, this could be worn like a jacket or sweater over jeans.

    8) Buttons on this jacket – The buttons are thick and work great, but the color on my light pink jacket for these buttons is YELLOW! This does not go with pink—so I removed the buttons and sewed on some light pink buttons that I had in my button jar and they look wonderful on this jacket. Put the yellow ones in my button jar should I need them…

    Very, very highly recommend this jacket to all!

  2. Little Mom (verified owner)

    I think the manufacturer is reading these Amazon reviews. I ordered the White and it no longer comes with the funky greenish yellow buttons; it has white buttons now. I am happy about that; I ordered it intending to change out the buttons if necessary. I am 5′ tall, 103 lbs., 34B and I ordered the Medium. I think this jacket is “Chinese sized” – lol. In American sizes, I almost always wear a small or extra small. I heeded the advice of some of the reviewers who warned that it runs small. I am really happy I ordered the Medium – it fits me perfectly. I certainly would not want it any smaller, especially around the chest. I do have nicer, plusher bed jackets, but they also cost a lot more. I actually like the light/medium weight on this one, and you don’t always need something that heavy duty. It was a great value and looks nice. I would order again.

  3. Those Darn Donkeys! (verified owner)

    It was and remains just fine for my purpose: keeping warm shoulders on cooler nights. We don’t tend to layer on blankets in Hawaii in winter, but on the nights we have to (yikes! 63°!) this is nice. For people who keep their home cooler at night to save money, ideal.

    I have bad shoulders so for me I have some trouble getting it on and off. If buying for someone else consider if they can get a blouse on with out assistance being much appreciated. If so, they it will be fine. If not, something with bigger arm holes might be needed. And a possible size up if fit is between sizes.

    The collar is the nicest feature.
    Note the the gap starting below button. Be fine if it were just open with less gap. Or if gap started below one’s chest. Flare is nice and makes fit and comfort in bed good.

    I person could wear this outside in certain colors (I have white) for a sweater, with a shirt or dress underneath.

  4. Ellen (verified owner)

    Wanted a bed jacket as a birthday present for my husband’s aunt, a nursing home resident. Her children did not know what a bed jacket was. I explained that it was like an abbreviated bathrobe, designed to keep her arms and shoulders warm while sitting up in bed . . . without covering the part of her body that was under the bed covers. A full-length bathrobe would provide too much heat and too much bulk, for this purpose. Aunt Lois loved it.

  5. Girl Nerd (verified owner)

    The price was right relative to what catalogs offered..bought it to throw on when I take my dogs out at night. The sizes run a bit small so order a size bigger than you normally wear. Buttons do fall off on washing so plan to tack them before you wash the garment the first time.

  6. Action/Suspense Fan (verified owner)

    I absolutely hate wearing a robe, so I like bed jackets. This one is comfortable, just the right weight, and washes well.

  7. Jammy (verified owner)

    This is my second! I have had my first for about 5 years. It is still in great condition but I purchased another color when I saw it available on Amazon. The bed jacket washes and dries beautifully. I love 3/4 sleeves, especially when working in the kitchen. If I feel a chill, I may wear it over jeans and tee around the house too.

  8. jessamine (verified owner)

    This bed jacket is nice and thick, super-soft plush. I ordered pink and the color is a nice true shade, neither too light nor too bright. Buttons are large and good quality. I wore it during a hospital stay and every nurse commented on how pretty it was – several asked where I’d gotten it.

  9. JLS (verified owner)

    I bought this for my elderly mom and she loves it. Very soft and easy to take on/off — she has arthritis so is much less flexible but the wide arm holes help this. It does run small — she is petite but wears a large. She likes it so much I’ve gotten in 3 colors. The pink and light blue are favs really beautiful colors – soft and feminine.

  10. Campanile (verified owner)

    This bed jacket is lovely. It is made of quality fleece and well constructed. I purchased it for my petite mother who is in her nineties to keep her warm on very cold days, the bed jacket does the job, plus it looks chic. The buttons are sized perfectly for hands that have some fine motor issues. The pink color is pretty and the shorter sleeves do not soil the way longer ones might and because they are shorter there is no need to roll or turn them up.

  11. GW (verified owner)

    I bought this for my 101 year old grandma. She lives in a damp cold area and loves this plush comfy bed jacket. The 3 quarter sleeves make it nice so you don’t have to worry about rolling them up to eat or that they may be too long for a petite person. The material is super soft and the color is a very nice shade of pink. The pockets are great as my grandma is never without a tissue or her reading glasses. It was the perfect birthday gift for her.

  12. Ines Reynal (verified owner)

    Love it! It’s perfect for reading in bed or in a cool area, soft and comfy. Great for personal use or as a gift for someone who’s bedridden or housebound. Well priced; I’ve seen identical bed jackets in catalogs for double the price!

  13. D. Evans (verified owner)

    I love this bed jacket. It is warm and the 3/4 sleeves fit me just the was I like ( i have short arms). The pocket is ok. I wish it was a little bigger, but I can get my phone into it as well as a tissue.

  14. Glo (verified owner)

    This bed jacket was bought as a gift and I washed it first according to the instructions. It came out fine, but I was surprised that one of the buttons fell off when I removed it from the dryer. I don’t think it was sewed on very well. Of course, I sewed it back on properly myself.
    Other than that, it’s a lovely garment and I think the recipient will love it!

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