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Remember that one episode where one of the Hot Uke I Am Your Father Shirt found a gun and shot a woman on accident. The rest of the show involves the Gargoyles adjusting to modern life, looking for any survivors of their clan, and dealing with some truly awesome villains. Because I don’t think they’ll be able to recapture what they did in the original, and any new series will just draw endless comparisons to the original. I’d rather spare my favorite series that pain and have it remain an example of how Action cartoons should be made going forward.

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Please no they will just ruin it Hot Uke I Am Your Father Shirt don’t need new remakes of old things that were good I need new ideas and stories that are good. I just finished watching the series last night. I hope we get a continuation. There is so much that wasn’t explored. The other Gargoyles didn’t go to Avalon. What was the story with King Arthur? Do Elisha and Goliath ever get together? I wouldn’t even consider it a reboot as much as a correction. The original series had so much potential and they butchered it. I wasn’t around when this was popular, why is this popular now? Who asked for this? Genuinely want to know, I’ve heard about this show-off and on for a few years and now it’s suddenly a big deal and I’m honestly curious about it.

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I loved the toys when I was a kid. Hot Uke I Am Your Father Shirt wingspans on the gargoyles and stuff. Cool to pretend to fly them around. If they rebooted the show, I’d buy the toys again immediately. Pretty amazing how easily Disney can launch, re-launch, reboot and monetize content for kids and nobody else can. It’s almost as if they have some kind of built-in advantage. If they could get the rights to starship troopers roughnecks, and Exo squad. I’ll finally be able to share my childhood shows with my kids. Disney should purchase Nickelodeon to make an appropriate Avatar. Also, it’s such a great story and the large world they built. Please do a couple of prequels

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