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Dem’s can pack the courts even with a few Official HotTrump 2020 Skull American Flag USA Shirt dems, and fill those seats with judges that all believe that every adult American has the right to vote. The reason we’ve had more than 20 years of voter suppression is that the Republicans are a significant minority, significantly less than 40%, and they’ve been trying to prevent the majority from having political power. I do. They’re as much of a hate group as the other two, they’re the push behind Republican’s denial of science, and are constantly trying to undermine the separation of church and state/abortion rights.

Official HotTrump 2020 Skull American Flag USA Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt and Hoodie

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And nuke the filibuster, add PR & DC as Official HotTrump 2020 Skull American Flag USA Shirt & reapportion the house so the country’s demographics are actually represented. Not as many as you think. Make voting a right of all classes and the relative number becomes smaller. Tax the super-churches and their power becomes less. Find a way to hold Fox to judgment and their political power becomes trivial. It doesn’t have to be a whole lot in terms of percentage. Let’s say it’s 20% of the country. They still aren’t going away. They might be 40%. Those who haven’t been disenfranchised, suppressed or disillusioned. One of the reasons why I want such a landslide.

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