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What a cool idea! I’m not sure what you actually get as an Official Aggressive Nirnroot Noises Shirt. But there’s an old woman alchemist somewhere (I want to say Dawnstar?) that asks you to go find the ring of pure mixtures. Because her also alchemist husband was looking for it before he died. It’s probably somewhere dangerous, and you don’t get to keep the ring, but it might be fun to roleplay and help the old lady out. Nice! That sounds good. I wonder if you can disenchant the ring? According to the wiki, once you return the ring to her, it becomes part of her store inventory, so I might be able to buy it off her after completing the quest. If you can disenchant it, you can use that enchantment elsewhere, perhaps even improve it.

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Official Aggressive Nirnroot Noises V-Neck
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The problem with that quest (though I admit it’s an alchemy-themed quest) is that the main reward is an alchemy potion that refills itself. Nice to have, for personal use, but not really helpful for someone looking to make and market potions for profit. Are there other boons imparted during that questline that I’m forgetting? Despite all I said above, I admit that she already picked up this quest, for roleplay reasons. Because while it may not boost her business, she knows it could boost her reputation with her fellow alchemists and merchants. And she’s always happy to help an Official Aggressive Nirnroot Noises Shirt.

Official Aggressive Nirnroot Noises Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Aggressive Nirnroot Noises Sweatshirt
Official Aggressive Nirnroot Noises Hoodie

The Lakeview house seems to have a giant visit once in a while. the house is near a giant camp. Winstead Manor lets you get an Official Aggressive Nirnroot Noises Shirt. Not sure if you can invest in the spouse. I just started working on the speech perk tree (was focused more on armor/weapons/sneak). As for selling, Solstheim has the richest vendors (one alchemy and one general in Raven Rock, not sure about Skall, the alchemist there is dead, but the blacksmith seems to be general). Thanks for all the good information! I need to get to Solstheim anyway to stock up on their ingredients, but I like living on the mainland because I can make the circuit of the cities and stock up on lots of good inventory.

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