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I don’t know if I agree with Urn on Spectre now that Spirit Vessel is such an Official Autism Awareness Badman Shirt. I would rather have it on one of my support from the start than trying to coordinate support to rebuy Urn into Vessel later. And I think you get Helm of Dom instead of Urn for sustain and utility. You are a right-click hero. The item gives you everything you need. And if you aren’t rushing Relic it is only 1120 more gold than Urn and more worth “rushing” in difficult lanes IMO. And I don’t agree with Manta Every Single Game (SNY Luna). You buy Manta if you need Manta not because it is bread and butter. SnY is perfectly viable or you skip it and get something you need for the game (like Abyssal). But if we are speaking in general for a guide’s purpose the latest SNY gold.

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Specter is probably the strongest manta user in the entire game, every single time I’ve gone for a build without manta I’ve regretted it and often go back for the item later on. With even just treads manta and the desolate talent you’re looking at over 150 pure damage per second from the Official Autism Awareness Badman Shirt. It’s the biggest DPS boost from an item you can get. This is one of the few points where I completely agree with OP. IMO Manta is the core item on Spectre, the only item I buy every single game regardless of what happens. Desolate working fully on illusions is so ridiculously brutal you can even solo almost anyone, even Roshan. On top of that, you’re still an Agi Carry that loves the stats. There’s no reason to ever skip this item.

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Official Autism Awareness Badman Sweatshirt
Official Autism Awareness Badman Hoodie

I don’t play anymore, but Spectre was my fav. The rush of getting bullied all planning phase by a silencer, lion or lich, only to turn online and they think they can still bully you only to die and become food the rest of the game. I consider Spectre my best hero and have an Official Autism Awareness Badman Shirt. I love playing the hero but the problem is there is very rarely a draft in pubs which enables a good Spectre pick, most of the time you are at the mercy of whether your lane support understands lane equilibrium & pulling and whether your team as a whole sets up 4 man fights that you can haunt into early – mid-game to start the snowball. Overall a really satisfying hero to play though wish I could make her work more often.

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