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I had not heard of this internet mystery before so thank you for this informative post. I’m an NC resident and Asheville is one of my favorite places. Before I got to the part early on in your post that mentioned Kutchie’s was a real place. I thought it was odd that such an Official Autism Awareness Captain Shirt in a place that’s generally known for its mountains. Sure enough, though, it’s a real place. As someone who has experience working with people who are on the spectrum. Autism was my first guess but your theory is also plausible. I’m definitely going to keep looking into this! This might be the best theory I’ve heard yet, if only because you laid it out so well. I’ve always had the impression that this was the work of a random Joe who ate there years ago.

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I went to reread the specific post I was referring to in this comment and it just reaffirms my belief that this is definitely the case. At one point he begins memorializing a series of dead celebrities. And then proceeds to list a bunch of captains/friends of “Kutchie”. And people involved with the Official Autism Awareness Captain Shirt. Ending it with “What A Blast Those Days Really Were!”. It seems like he is aware that it’s all over and that restaurant is closed down. He’s just got some odd emotional tie to this era of his life and is obsessed with it. Like I said, maybe a kid from the neighborhood who went there often. Or maybe even Key West was his first job or something. It ties somehow into his life and his youth and he’s obsessed with it.

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I completely agree. I previously worked in a residential facility for adults who had committed violent crimes and were found guilty except for insanity by the courts. One of the Official Autism Awareness Captain Shirt and if he knew how to use a computer this is absolutely the type of thing he would spend his days doing. We listened to the same songs every day, watched the same videos, and he said the same phrases over and over. All of his interests correlated with the time period right before he suffered his TBI. He was cognizant enough that he could mix it up sometimes and would introduce new sayings, music, or whatever else on occasion, but it was almost like he was frozen in time. This poster reminds me of him so much.

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