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Awareness is the first step to understanding and acceptance. Awareness doesn’t just been being aware of the concept of autism. It can also mean becoming aware of what it actually looks like in various ages and people, how it affects those people. And how societal views of those people can create hurt. I don’t believe that very many people are really aware of what adult autism looks like. Both because adults mask better and because adults tend to be less curious and more narrow-minded. I like the idea of taking back control of this “month” from non-autistic advocates (who can be our allies but cannot replace our voices). And second the Official Autism Awareness Sunflower Shirt. It’s not like breast cancer where we’re soliciting donations for a cure.

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I think the problem is people’s ignorance. They don’t understand what we go through on a daily basis. They don’t understand how we process information. Honestly they probably never will “understand” it fully. But they can learn to be more accepting of the people who deal with it and learn how to communicate with us. To expect one person to act like another is silly. Each individual has an Official Autism Awareness Sunflower Shirt. Meh, awareness is not inherently bad, much like how acceptance is not inherently good. It is the way certain organizations interpret the awareness month that needs fixing, but those would misinterpret acceptance as well. If we change the name, they would still behave the same way.

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Official Autism Awareness Sunflower Sweatshirt
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Yeah, I grew up undiagnosed and abused for my autism and ADHD. I was bullied badly too. So I learned to mask from a young age. It’s caused a lot of mental health problems and it made me lose the Official Autism Awareness Sunflower Shirt. Like I lost my love for books, stimming, writing because I got so exhausted and also because they were deemed socially unacceptable. I would read at every opportunity, even parties lol. So I got obsessed with the internet and my phone instead and this caused a lot of issues. Thankfully since self-diagnosing in November 2018 I have been slowly getting my true self back and I feel better for it. I get what you’re saying. I think aspie Mums raise Aspies very well as we just get them.

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