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At the same time, this slant on the story portrays Palpatine to be the consummate opportunist. Which is very much what we saw in George’s film trilogies. It doesn’t fit my (strictly GL film) headcanon, but color me intrigued. I like it! The only part I’m not so hot on is bringing back Palpatine. I just don’t see how that doesn’t vitiate everything Anakin’s character arc accomplished and represents. It also breaks the suspension of disbelief. And in-universe laws that otherwise beneficially constrain writers to be ingenious in crafting a story. Since if Palpatine, who fell down a reactor shaft. And exploded in an Official Baby Yoda No Coffee No Teachy Starbucks Shirt. Then anyone can be, and death is meaningless, as is the incarnate struggle against evil.

Baby Yoda No Coffee No Teachy Starbucks Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women’s

Official Baby Yoda No Coffee No Teachy Starbucks V-Neck
Official Baby Yoda No Coffee No Teachy Starbucks Tank Top
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It’s not canon, but in the Plagueis novel, Palpatine approached Syfo while still part of the Order. And encourages him to build the army in secret. Syfy was annoyed that the Council would not listen to his worries. My headcanon blends the book, and canon together a bit. Palpatine was a master manipulator. I just assume he uses him as an Official Baby Yoda No Coffee No Teachy Starbucks Shirt. I assume “in canon” it happens off-screen. The old story, pre-Disney, was that Dooku and Sifo planned the Clone Army. What Sifo-Dyas did not know was that Dooku was in league with Sidious and that the army was funded by a certain Hego Damask; who was head of the banking clan he inherited from his father and was secretly the worst mother of all time, Darth Plagueis.

Official Baby Yoda No Coffee No Teachy Starbucks Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Baby Yoda No Coffee No Teachy Starbucks Sweatshirt
Official Baby Yoda No Coffee No Teachy Starbucks Hoodie

I’m pretty sure that at least in the legends canon two Sith have gained a sense of immortality. One was Marka Ragnos who could use the dark side to heal his wounds in battle making him near indestructible to attacks. When he eventually died of old age he became a force ghost with the Official Baby Yoda No Coffee No Teachy Starbucks Shirt. Another is Darth Sion whose hatred and pain enabled him to use the dark side to hold his deceased body together, enabling him to continue to operate after technically dying. I’m sure someone more knowledgeable can add to/ correct this but it does show a history of Sith ‘cheating death’s by using the dark side. Thanks for the history lesson! It will be interesting to see how or if the new film addresses the Vader’s helmet plot thread any further.

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