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Rewatching it throughout the years I now see the Official Football And Loves Minnesota Vikings Shirt as jokes, but as being very vulnerable and honest. Napoleon and his friends in Hess’ Preston, Idaho aren’t smooth talkers by any stretch of the imagination. The movie ends with a hi-five between Napoleon and Debbie. The sense of intimacy and connection I get from these two uncompromisingly yet differently awkward kids finally finding comfort and acceptance in each other, it just melts my heart. It might not seem like much, but Napoleon was ready to fight his uncle Rico in direct confrontation because of what he did to take Debbie’s friendship from him.

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Official Football And Loves Minnesota Vikings V-Neck
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I haven’t seen it in this thread yet but Shawshank redemption is probably the Official Football And Loves Minnesota Vikings Shirt perfect movie I can think of. The animation’s gotten so much praise that I don’t really need to talk about it. The movie was the first in almost a year that made me shed tears. The original soundtrack is probably my favorite part of the movie. Prowler’s theme is so good. The sheer amount of scenes that suggest they are the same person is ludicrous when you watch it for the second time. It’s one of those rare gems that IMO is much more enjoyable to watch the second time than the first time. The Big Lebowski. Never gets old, has a great soundtrack, & never fails to make me laugh.

Official Football And Loves Minnesota Vikings Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Football And Loves Minnesota Vikings Sweatshirt
Official Football And Loves Minnesota Vikings Hoodie

I show that intro every year to my students before the Official Football And Loves Minnesota Vikings Shirt to Auschwitz. It’s a hard choice for me between the opening scene and the strudel scene. Honorable mention also goes to the basement scene as well as the white cake scene in Django. He had initially had Leo in mind, but yeah, he wanted someone who could really speak French and German fluently. After he had changed his mind about Leo playing Landa, if I recall correctly, he wrote Calvin Candie specifically for him, wanting to cast him in a villain role. The fact that he was able to cast that was the entire point. The fact that he threw the N-word around in his movies was the entire point. It was him being honest. Something that most motherfuckers apparently can’t understand anymore

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