Official Gnome Diet Coke St. Patrick’s Day Shirt


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A steampunk dwarf artificer with two crude tentacles crafted onto a small hydrator engine attached to his lower spine. Wears a brown trench coat, bald and grey beard and drinks copious amounts of coffee. Quite friendly and talented with an Official Gnome Diet Coke St. Patrick’s Day Shirt. A short, bald, wizened old man who runs a pet shop. None of the animals are in cages and is all free-roaming. Despite appearing to be conversing with the humans who enter his shop, he is actually talking to his real customers – the animals. When he completes a deal, the pets scratch or bite their new owners and pay him in drops of blood.

Gnome Diet Coke St. Patrick’s Day Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women’s

Official Gnome Diet Coke St. Patrick’s Day Tank Top
Tank Top
Official Gnome Diet Coke St. Patrick’s Day V-Neck

A gangling, calm, quiet man who speaks slowly. He drags a cart full of various snails and snail shells. His clothing is adorned with many shells, but otherwise, he dresses modestly and is kind-hearted. His name is Oscar-Joe. A cat-humanoid named Khajiit who always greets with the line: Khajiit has wares if you have coin. Sells and buys stuff from questionable sources (Not sorry, had to be done). A cross-dressing named Hamlets sells and tailors highly fashionable clothes and accessories. Eleanore, a human 80-year-old granny with her pully cart, sells the Official Gnome Diet Coke St. Patrick’s Day Shirt. They are so unspeakably delicious, people have literally killed for them.

Official Gnome Diet Coke St. Patrick’s Day Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Gnome Diet Coke St. Patrick’s Day Hoodie
Official Gnome Diet Coke St. Patrick’s Day Sweatshirt

A small iron golem smith, who exclusively crafts razor-sharp longswords (crit range 18-20, cost 200 GP, otherwise same as normal longswords). His hammer is actually an intelligent magic item that gives instructions to him in a way the players can’t perceive. The golem always talks about the Official Gnome Diet Coke St. Patrick’s Day Shirt, not himself (“he has this for sale, he would charge you that, etc.”) Upon receiving payment the golem throws the gold in a pot in the forge and later, if the party pays attention, mixes bronze into it after hours to produce gold bars if it doesn’t know the party is watching. Eddy and Johny’s cabinet of curios A gnome and half-orc couple who sell small Nik Naks.

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