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I mean it was used on black people/characters an Official Heart 2019 Love Alive Concert Tour Shirt. But legit I haven’t seen this meme since I was in middle school and I’m 28 now, so regardless of the meaning of the meme, really weird and random for Arin to bring it up. There’s one kiwi farm thread that comes up every time I search Suzy’s name. It has a mini timeline of the shit they’ve done. One of them was Arin and Suzy getting a new cat and naming it after a YouTuber’s cat that died. Dan deleting his post and following it up with that humble brag garbage, though, did annoy me – as it honestly felt like a personal dig with the mention of all the love and support he got after the fact and how popular he is thanks to said fans who love/support him.

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It makes me wonder why he wants to be in the Official Heart 2019 Love Alive Concert Tour Shirt in general. It comes with the territory. He said he wants fame but not get mobbed/get loads of attention when out in public. Sorry, champ, if you want Def Leppard or level fame it’s not how it works. You can’t be famous yet be unnoticeable in public/have much of private life. Some celebrities can’t even go grocery without photos being taken. Urgh, sounds like Arin’s self-important attitude has rubbed off on him, considerably. I think the idea of “Acting like an adult” is more theoretical than real. I think the last one is bad when it’s shown with the context of the first one, and is supporting evidence for her having unhealthy body ideals.

Official Heart 2019 Love Alive Concert Tour Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Heart 2019 Love Alive Concert Tour Hoodie
Official Heart 2019 Love Alive Concert Tour Sweatshirt

I knew 2019 was a pretty crazy year but I forgot HOW MUCH SHIT happened in it. Like some of this, I either forgot or barely even noticed. Like the premium thing to watch streams and stuff. Imagine paying $5 for that and not being able to use it for more than. First the Barnes and Noble thing. Then the Official Heart 2019 Love Alive Concert Tour Shirt at SDCC, followed by the canceled meet up at a nearby venue and ending with a brief hang out at the station run by the comic’s distributor – where the developers said they’d sign anything the fans brought over. Clicked on the reset link, never again, holy shit what a septic tank of a community.

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