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I appreciate you leaving the smut out. My mindset while reading an Official It’s All Indian Land Shirt is completely different vs. reading porn, and I don’t like having to “switch gears” if that makes sense. A few authors I know keep the smut in a separate side story. Well, as far as Harems go, this is the second one I’ve read that I don’t mind since you actually justify it in-story. Keep up the good work! Overall I’m a proponent of smut within stories if appropriate and if it adds to the story overall. For now, that’s not the case here. As I said, that may change in the future. For being a side character you are a lucky American Capitalist bastard, after all, Steven.

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I was gonna say Christmas came early this year. But someone else used that line so all I can say is damn you’re fast. I think you did an Official It’s All Indian Land Shirt. It really takes skill for writers to write parts like that without getting explicit. If you decide to ever make it explicit that’s completely up to you and I myself am fine with either. I really did enjoy the chapter. I think it really cuts into a realistic depiction of how being the only man on a base surrounded by beautiful women would be stressful. Not to mention how the linking mechanic is basically writing “I fucked (insert character) last night.” for everyone to see.

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Official It’s All Indian Land Sweatshirt
Official It’s All Indian Land Hoodie

Really looking forward to the upcoming chapters in the Official It’s All Indian Land Shirt. The only question I had was whether you were attempting to make the story follow with the events of WW2 in chronological order or if it’s going to be completely different? Kind of felt like the next chapter would come early, just not this early. I guess we’re getting California soon. Wonder if any other ships tag along. And Monty is probably already rapidly approaching the base to hunt down the man who despoiled her precious Maneki. I really respect how you were able to write in a sex scene without making it NSFW, that really takes good writing. Also, love the frequent uploads!

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