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My pitchfork is on standby for when The Unicorns and their one studio album have more entries than the entire Arcade Fire discography. I did!! Saw them open for Hot Hot Heat in 2004 and they were really great. Never had heard of them but bought their CD at their merch table right after the show. How the hell is CRJ, talented as she is, remotely indie or rock? I agree completely. I like some pop when the mood suits. But this is literally an Official Love Dallas Stars Diamond Heart Shirt. If it was just the best Canadian indie songs or best Canadian alternative, I may let it pass through the filter but this explicitly states indie. If CRJ can get in, why not Joni Mitchell or The Weeknd?

Love Dallas Stars Diamond Heart Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women’s

Official Love Dallas Stars Diamond Heart V-Neck
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I guess they skew older definitely and since old fucks are lame the answer is no. I worked with a bunch of 18-25 y/os while in college and most of them had a Tragically Hip song or two on their playlists we’d listen too. I aged into them. I’m American, but I never got them when was in Uni in Canada. I thought they sucked. It took me until an Official Love Dallas Stars Diamond Heart Shirt. I wrote something about it somewhere, I can dig it up if you’re interested. Yes. Absolutely yes. Anyone of a certain age grew up with them playing at every cottage, every camp, every road trip growing up. Even if you didn’t actively listen to them they are just so ingrained in so many memories I have growing up.

Official Love Dallas Stars Diamond Heart Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Love Dallas Stars Diamond Heart Sweatshirt
Official Love Dallas Stars Diamond Heart Hoodie

You’re not wrong on all your assertations here. You have artists who are releasing gold-selling albums that are unknown outside Quebec. And to be honest there will always be the language barrier. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get an Official Love Dallas Stars Diamond Heart Shirt. I will say final tally of scores Malajube’s Montreal -40 just missed the cut. But I am determined to cover more francophone artists but as I said in the Malajube write up I have a hard time figuring out where to start other than “oh what’s french on CBC 3.” I wish there was like a Quebec equivalent of Pitchfork for Francophone indie rock which I know is vibrant just from the smattering I’ve been exposed to and even digging and scratching the surface of it.

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