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Thanks so much for the recap, Buffy. Was able to watch some of it and I agree with you she did that to try to show she’s getting the help she needs. But she’s all over the Official Peace Love Mermaid Shirt. The poor girl doesn’t grasp that it would be a far more convincing portrait of a girl getting the help she needs, to film an IG wherein she is composed, poised, not crying, and articulate enough that she doesn’t need to shake a bag of pills at the camera. Exactly my thought! Is she trying to pull a Rinna? I don’t get it. I’ve been on all kinds of meds for various mental and physical conditions throughout my life, and I can promise I have never once stored them loose in a baggy, or shown them off to others.

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I just watched 35 minutes of video on the Official Peace Love Mermaid Shirt. I’m flabbergasted. Completely convinced it’s real, not a sham, and I’m seriously worried about her well being. This is a woman that has fallen deeply into insanity. So sad. Just saw these…The one where she’s outside, playing with her hair and saying she needs to hear if we like her…Scary. Island. On Steroids. She’s either drowning in the deep end and should be on suicide watch, or this is all a game between her and Thomas trying to get their own show. Do we feel bad for her? Or is she Oscar-worthy? I felt bad for her until I watched the 3rd video, then I was thinking, wow, screw you, Voldemort.

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Only the snippets from last… I don’t have IG…And honestly, after realizing what a pathological roller coaster ride it turned out to be in the Official Peace Love Mermaid Shirt. I don’t think I can take any of it seriously. Too much sickness, ya know? It’s really sad. Desperation is never attractive, but this is a seriously ill individual that had absolutely no control. I get it. I can’t even be angry or mean about her anymore. I’m just wishing she gets proper help and gets better, and stays out of the spotlight. After the rumor today that she verbally attacked Naomi, it looks like my wish won’t come true. After watching the Instagram story today, I seriously started wondering if I was using Instagram wrong.

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