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From a harm-reduction standpoint, I’d rather see a kid vape than smoke. But lungs still developing, probably not good, cigarettes, vaping, or whatever. Easy enough to make nicotine-free liquid, if they want to be the coolest. This entire post is stupid. It’s like you have all forgotten what you were like when you were 17. Nicotine free liquid will make them cooler? What next, recommend that they buy the Official Relax The Body Stimulate The Mind Shirt. So that they can be the cool, responsible teenager? No, you’re just being the child. Kids have copied adults since forever. Flavored alcohol or flavored e-liquid. Government has listened to tobacco lobbyists, e-cigarettes represent a reduced use of cigarettes and a severe reduction in end of life care for paid hospital use.

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Official Relax The Body Stimulate The Mind Tank Top
Tank Top
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Any benefit for kids is basically like drinking coffee. But would you give kids coffee? And yes, there is the wow factor, trying to blow larger clouds, making your own liquid with zero nicotine is easy and legal. Do you think kids who sneak smokes, or booze from their parents stash care about laws? Lol. Completely missing the Official Relax The Body Stimulate The Mind Shirt is a safer alternative to switch to from smoking. Not meant for non-smokers, or kids/teens. Basically trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube without touching it, and arguing who made the mess, instead of cleaning up and moving on. Give more a break. I hate this message that these are “only to help quit smoking/quit nicotine.” I, along with many others, enjoy vaping and have no plans on quitting nicotine.

Official Relax The Body Stimulate The Mind Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Relax The Body Stimulate The Mind Sweatshirt
Official Relax The Body Stimulate The Mind Hoodie

Different times, your argument just does not hold any water. You can disagree and that’s fine. But 20 years ago, how many different ways were there to even help quit smoking? I get why you made this whole post and while I do not disagree with it entirely as you said, it seems a bit hypocritical. If I was a kid, in this generation (thankfully I am not..). I am pretty sure I would have picked up vaping and maybe even just to be more specific. I think it is easy to get pissed at the Official Relax The Body Stimulate The Mind Shirt. As an excuse to destroy the vaping industry but let’s stay focused on the real culprit here. Kids will always do stupid crap and latch onto what helps them fit in and be cool. It was always like that for generations now.

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