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I’m a dialysis patient, so I have needles in my arm three times a week. I have long since given up on the idea of ever getting all of this sticky residue off my arm. I have streaks of it on my arm right now and they’re just as much an Official Rockin The Phlebotomist Life Shirt. I’m really sorry to hear that. I was actually in the hospital for acute kidney failure and was in danger of permanently losing function. I still get my blood tested every so often for that reason. Keep on keeping on my friend! I wonder if there’s a skin-friendly alternative out there. When you frequently inject a vein scar tissue builds up around it which makes it difficult to draw blood with. It’s a common issue for people with illnesses that require frequent blood work.

Rockin The Phlebotomist Life Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women’s

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Official Rockin The Phlebotomist Life Hoodie

Some can harden them, or drugs like cocaine keep them from healing. They can collapse or just become sealed with scar tissue. It depends on the drug of choice. I was lucky and only used high quality powdered heroin and my veins repaired themselves. Some addicts that use West coast tar heroin, looks like black street tar, ruin their veins permanently in a few years. Methamphetamines are also really harsh on the Official Rockin The Phlebotomist Life Shirt. But I don’t have personal experience with that. There are junkies that have no surface veins left on their bodies. They call the scars above the vein’s track marks. Sad stuff! Or be like me, and have so big veins and thin skin that you can see them all. One time I told the guy the needle felt weird and he said it was fine.

Official Rockin The Phlebotomist Life Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Rockin The Phlebotomist Life Hoodie
Official Rockin The Phlebotomist Life Sweatshirt

After a minute I could feel the needle kinda start vibrating a little, and then the tube going from my arm to the bag got super hot. I tried flagging someone down but they weren’t fast enough. And the needle just vibrated it’s way outta my arm, flinging an Official Rockin The Phlebotomist Life Shirt. And my arm just kept bleeding too. It probably was less than I remember but it was more than I was expecting to see and so I started feeling real woozy. Once we got it cleaned up and I stopped bleeding they were just like “I told you you have bad veins! God, I hope your other arm is better!” Like no explanation for why that happened, they were just pissed at me. I would’ve told them to fuck off but I was only two more donations from getting the license plate frame…

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