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I’m actually glad we got some unique posts on the front page. I’m tired of mediocre fanart, boring clips, and the daily “what is your unpopular opinion” post. I blame you and only you for this coming up on my front page. Thanks. I now know more about Spain, vaginas, and Hagrid than I ever wanted to know. He had an Official Shiba Inu Yasha Shirt? I know the movies aren’t canon but in the third one, my fave anime film of all time btw, we saw it when he was fighting the dude who kidnapped his wife. Sesshomaru could switch between beast and human, so it would make sense for his dad to be able to.

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Probably didn’t need to rub it in, if she can swim in it some of it is bound to find its way in. Liquids don’t just enter the vagina while being in them lol. Otherwise swimming in the ocean would seriously fuck up all women. Some water will get in there, but a healthy vagina can clean itself. After having small surgery to fix some cervical issues. I was told not to swim or take an Official Shiba Inu Yasha Shirt. When I was a kid I thought Elephants and Whales had reproductive cells that were large in proportion to their massive size and that insects had reproductive cells that probably couldn’t even be seen under a microscope.

Official Shiba Inu Yasha Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Shiba Inu Yasha Hoodie
Official Shiba Inu Yasha Sweatshirt

Then some bio classes, the internet and the compiled knowledge of generations of zoologists. Across an Official Shiba Inu Yasha Shirt shattered my innocent views… How did Hagrid’s dad have sex with Hagrid’s mom? Some things are better left unanswered better left in the corner of your mind to never be thought about again. I don’t know if OP is looking for a serious answer or just shitposting but Inu no Taishou has a human form. I’m not sure how far OP is but you do see his human form in one of the movies. And he’s a cool guy. I believe the third movie where we first see Inu no Taisho is canon. I’m not sure about the first two.

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