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My ex-wife thought the dishwasher was like a magic box that would clean anything put inside it regardless of spacing. She thought items could touch and even be stacked. Often she’d have something block the path of the Official Shoes #CrushCorona 2020 Shirt. I always had to rewatch the dishes. She also thought cleaning meant stuffing any clutter into drawers and closets, regardless of where anything actually belonged. A room could look tidy, but behind every closet door and in every drawer was a mess of unimaginable dimensions.

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I’m a big clean bedroom person. I know everyone would just tidy their room for their photo but if it was honest it’d be really handy for me. My therapist told me that one of her patients was depressed so he didn’t clean his room for months. Anyway, she asked him to see the Official Shoes #CrushCorona 2020 Shirt. Because he was too ashamed. I’ve been there numerous times. The only time I would shower was when I had appointments at the hospital. Same with cleaning up the apartment. I’d be comatose 99% of the time until I had someone coming to visit. Then I was on autopilot cleaning like my life depended on it.

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Official Shoes #CrushCorona 2020 Hoodie
Official Shoes #CrushCorona 2020 Sweatshirt

Yup. I wasn’t doing as well with showering before my therapist appointments and I guess it got kind of noticeable. That’s what finally got me on meds. One of the most miraculous things to ever happen to me. Like, I still have depression and anxiety, but I’m functional. I feel like I’m 19 again. My new year’s resolution is to have my house clean enough to not be embarrassed by an Official Shoes #CrushCorona 2020 Shirt. It’s a work in progress. Getting a dog did it for me. Constantly counter surfing so I installed a dishwasher. Grabbing socks off the floor so the clothes go in a hamper. Grabbing random items off the coffee table so they get tucked away.

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