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I’ll give you those points. The point stands though that the Official Stones Titans Tennessee Titans Shirt when you can find similar talent in the draft. RBs can end up being worth the money, but I don’t think there is ever a solid reason to spend big when you can get talent in the draft for significantly cheaper. I think Henry is still getting better. He has lots of runs for a loss, but that is by definition an O line issue. If you’re getting tackled behind the line of scrimmage that’s not really the back’s fault. And he’s improved as a receiver too. To the point, I’d leave him on the field rather than bring in Lewis. But it’s true too that running backs are easier to replace than Logan Ryan would be.

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He does have runs for a loss but his dismal first step also carries some blame. Not all, but some. He also goes down incredibly easy at those points as he also has an extremely high center of gravity. And until he builds momentum, you can basically push him around. So I won’t let him totally off the hook. I don’t think he’s improved as an Official Stones Titans Tennessee Titans Shirt. He’s an unnatural receiver and drops the same passes he did in year one. His pass blocking is very poor whereas Dion is at least average. I would completely agree it’s much more valuable to keep Ryan. If nothing else, he just has a higher football IQ. Ryan ties together the defense tenfold more than Henry does the offense. And that’s plenty enough justification for me.

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Personally, I wasn’t a fan of drafting Henry, nor am I a fan of re-signing him. Runningbacks really just have by far the best depth on the Official Stones Titans Tennessee Titans Shirt. It’s the easiest position for a rookie to come in and learn, and we’ve seen multiple 3rd round+ backs be very successful immediately. And if not, guys like Jay Ajayi are always available. Drafting an early RB or paying a lot for one just doesn’t make too much sense to me because of the economics of it. With the salary cap, you have to get the most bang for your buck, and if you draft an RB early, they’re already making Top 10 money in the league for an RB. You never get the benefit of a cheap rookie contract.

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