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I was there live. First time sitting front row. Seeing Brock and McIntyre face to face definitely got me hyped for the match at WM. Drew really looks like a legit competition to Brock and that he can kick his ass. I had a great time. Moments like Randy Orton giving an Official The Hype House Shirt. Why I don’t stop recording Raw or SD on my DVR, no matter how bad the show is. I’ll always just fast-forward it. Because you never know when a hilarious/amazing moment like that is gonna happen. Dumb question, in kayfabe, is the spider supposed to be real? I can’t really tell one way or another yet. It clearly looks like a toy but based on everyone’s reactions to it up until the reveal and the fact that it bit Rowan, I guess it is supposed to be real. I don’t know man.

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It’s kind of messed up that some fans give Brock Lesnar so much shit. When Randy Orton goes heel, people don’t hate him. They know it’s part of the story. Brock Lesnar isn’t holding the title hostage because he doesn’t want to work. Or the whole deal at RR. It’s to make you hate him. He’s a heel. He’s doing what he can to make you hate his guts so when Drew wins, it’s not empty. He even told him to pick up the Official The Hype House Shirt. The dude is a professional and obviously cares about the business. I liked it when one of the guys from Street Profits just shouted the same thing 15 times in a row to the audience. And I like street profits but their gimmick needs more depth. I also think the title change comes to early.

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So after months of build-up, the reveal of Rowan’s mystery pet is…a fucking toy tarantula?! I knew WWE had no ending plan on this gimmick. But I figured they could come up with something better than that. I don’t understand why they always book angles to which they have no clue where they’re going with it. It’s just like the Official The Hype House Shirt. It ended very underwhelmingly and nonsensical. This was so damn ridiculous. And apparently all anyone had to do was just ask him politely to see what’s inside the cage. Just absolutely fucking horrendous. That Roman storyline led to Bryan turning face again and got Buddy Murphy some great matches with Bryan and Reigns that have led to him being paired with Rollins.

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