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This is the definitive way to show how an article can add “descriptors” to force select a biased option. They probably started out wanting to specifically mention the 370z. And they did it by adding modifiers to make it happen. If you want a fixed-roof coupe who cares if it has an Official Two Seater Shirt. They’re all in the same class unless you want to push the 370z specifically. And this is coming from a huge fan of older Nissans. I would take all the options I listed over the 370z. Exactly. Almost anyone shopping for a manual sports car will be looking at the 86/Ponycars/Miata. And the sales numbers show that. They should’ve just said “If you want an outdated and overpriced coupe named the 370Z. Your only options are the 370Z or nothing”.

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The Virginia track has two major braking events. And both require the Z’s brakes to withstand deceleration from about 130 mph down to 40 mph. In every other car we’ve tested at VIR, brake fade emerges gradually. Longer pedal travel and extra effort required to slow for an Official Two Seater Shirt. But in the Z, with no warning, the brakes went from fully effective to missing in action in a single. Disastrous stop from 130 mph. The pedal collapsed to the floor, and what remained of the braking power was only able to slow the car at a rate very much like stopping on snow. Fortunately, no one was injured when the brakeless missile introduced itself to a retaining wall so enthusiastically. That it had to be removed using heavy equipment.

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So I actually looked it up, the original tire on the 370z was the Yokohama Advan Sports. But the thing is, the brakes on the 370z is shockingly bad. That’s right, the brakes faded with no warning and straight-up lost all gripping power, leading to the car slamming into the wall. Now after reporting this issue to Nissan, Nissan investigated and found that this behavior wasn’t out of the ordinary. It was because of the pads on the Official Two Seater Shirt. And that to remedy the situation, Nissan offers a better set of pads as an official accessory. Yea, I don’t get the article either. Unless the 370z has a massive trunk to make up for that space I dunno what the deal is. I have always wondered what the 370z does with all the size.

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