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Back in ISIS headquarters: “Oh fuck, they are calling us radical Islamists now! Shit. Pack it up, game over, Abdel, game over.” Sadly, part of the “issue” is that there are millions of Americans who have decided that Islam is inherently evil. So if you aren’t linking these people to that “violent, trash religion” in their minds. They’re somehow not fully “understanding the real problem.” In reality, the Official Welcome To The Shitshow Shirt has explained clearly that they are avoiding giving groups like ISIS theological legitimacy. Birkeland reportedly went to the women’s restroom. And when she emerged from a stall, a group of Trump supporters surrounded her and threatened to kill her.

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Asian advancements/philosophy has been massively important to the development of Western technology and civilization in general. Not to mention that if it weren’t for the knowledge of Natives when America was forming, many settlers would have died out, America wouldn’t even exist without non-white people. Forgot to mention that Arabs were very influential in the Official Welcome To The Shitshow Shirt (Algebra is literally the Latin derivative of the Arabic word Al-Jabr) ….. and God knows how many fields of Technology and Science that directly affects. Lord have mercy I wanna see a quick r/bad history post on this dunce but I don’t think that a soundbite is enough for a whole post.

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Official Welcome To The Shitshow Sweatshirt
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I love this “argument”, and how it so often comes from the right. Black slaves were the Official Welcome To The Shitshow Shirt. And therefore were far more responsible for Southern economic strength and capital gains than their White masters were. But Republicans don’t like to hear about that. I don’t remember democrats using the family members of 9/11 victims in order to score political points at the 2004 Convention. The Republicans should be disgusted by this. I hope to god we see GOP officials come out and condemn this. Honestly, I feel awful for her in away. She’s obviously dealing with her grief still and needs help. But the Republicans are blatantly using her to personally attack Hillary.

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