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Obviously, I’m not from the same area as the OP. So I wonder if the Mask Girl faced any legal repercussions. Would you mind updating us, /u/this requires a burner? Where I live it’s not legal to carry an Official What Doesn’t Kill You Disappoints Me Shirt. I bet a lot of people that live here don’t know this and could end up in trouble. Something like that could happen to her. We can take bets on which subreddit she posts her story on. It could be here of course, or r/AMA, r/AmItheAsshole, r/Coronavirus and many more! We’ll surely see her son posting on Reddit in a couple of years on r/raised by narcissists.

What Doesn’t Kill You Disappoints Me Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Official What Doesn’t Kill You Disappoints Me V-Neck
Official What Doesn’t Kill You Disappoints Me Tank Top
Tank Top

NGL, though. There’s an odd comfort that even though we’ll all be dead. Remind me not is still gonna send out reminders in ten years. Sorta makes you happy. Like it’ll probably have sentience by then. And still, feel compelled to remind people of stuff. As an Official What Doesn’t Kill You Disappoints Me Shirt. I misread as “she’s the victim flower.”. And burst into laughter and was about to praise your turn of phrase… but no. Pain meds just messing with my reading comprehension again. Probs going to be r/legal advice “I was viciously assaulted by a woman in a hardware store and no lawyer wants my case, help me pls?!?”.

Official What Doesn’t Kill You Disappoints Me Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official What Doesn’t Kill You Disappoints Me Hoodie
Official What Doesn’t Kill You Disappoints Me Sweatshirt

No lawyer may want her case, but I assure you that they all wanted to see the security footage even though they know she’s legally fucked. I don’t think a girl who walks around with a taser will go consult the Karens from right after she tased an asshole… I was at the Official What Doesn’t Kill You Disappoints Me Shirt. With my mask on and gloves so I didn’t touch the dirty cart surfaces and had gotten into the checkout line. A woman got into line behind me, maybe 6-12 inches away, clearly not social distancing and too close for comfort on even a normal day.

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