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So for someone to believe that Jesus Christ isn’t divine – they simply don’t believe in the same Christian Original Resist Joe Biden President 2020 Shirt god. Each of the three has the same Abrahamic root, absolutely, but they do not worship the same God. If you do not believe Jesus Christ is the son of god, god in the flesh, you do not believe in the same God professing orthodox Christians believe in. Now, of course, Allah means god, but since Muslims do not pray to Jesus Christ or the Father as revealed through Jesus they are not praying to the same being. Christians would pray to. Yes except within Christianity.

Original Resist Joe Biden President 2020 Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt, And Hoodie

 Resist Joe Biden President 2020 Hoodie- Design By Thefirsttees.com
Resist Joe Biden President 2020 Sweatshirt- Design By Thefirsttees.com
 Resist Joe Biden President 2020 Tank Top- Design By Thefirsttees.com
Tank Top
 Resist Joe Biden President 2020 V-neck- Design By Thefirsttees.com

There are trinitarianism and nontrinitarianism. Nontrinitarianism is seen as heresy by most, though. Orthodox Original Resist Joe Biden President 2020 Shirts Christianity is trinitarian in nature. This is the operative word, here. Most, not all. Which is why I used it. Most people don’t realize that. Imagine no gods. Funny thing, Islam’s Allah and Christianity’s God are the same God, the Abrahamic god. Christians, Jews, and Muslims all believe and pray to the same god. Wait until they learn that Christianity, Islam, and Judaism all believe in the same god. The greatest weapon against modern-day Christianity is to actually read the bible.

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  1. SuzyBear (verified owner)

    Comfy, nice and long, washes like a dream.

  2. TropicThunder (verified owner)

    The fabric is very soft, the design is flawless

  3. Kay P (verified owner)

    good material. thank you

  4. Becca Call (verified owner)

    Really good when ya didn’t sleep well.

  5. DKT (verified owner)

    Sized correctly, washes well.

  6. Reyna (verified owner)

    It’s cute but I’m just not comfortable with the inside of the fabric . It’s not smooth and soft for me.

  7. Michele (verified owner)

    Great to wear to senior exercise class. Opens conversation

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    Love this shirt. True to size fit, good quality and comfortable.

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    Great gift for my daughter.

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    Super comfy

  12. Linda J. Zwart (verified owner)

    Love it! My favorite dwarf. I think it’s going to be one of my favorite t-shirts.

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