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Manchin sucks. We do the impossible and get GA and WH, and nah, no Perfect South Boston Champion Shirt zmore stimmy, no mo $15, no debt cancels, no retro UI, no real help…just this republican wannabe fucking shit up on the reg. Bs. Same disappointments w these people as always. Pathetic. you could’ve at least built up a significant amount of karma before you started spamming ads. 6000 or so is pretty laughable for what you’re trying to do, although to be fair you’re pretty laughable for what you’re trying to do That answer changes with the buying power of the dollar. Some things are more variable. The buying power of a dollar is different in SF vs Oklahoma City. So for the federal Government min wage would be more relevant to the cheaper areas. Most states currently have a higher minimum than the federal min. That would probably end up true after a federal minimum wage hike as well after a couple of years.

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Fair point about it needing to be variable by location. So for San Francisco, for a Perfect South Boston Champion Shirt single parent with three kids, the minimum wage (since you think they should be paying for healthcare) should be about $45 an hour based on my calculations. Aren’t you worried that McDonalds would just automate everything and those jobs would go away? For people that do the laundry at Motel 6, they would need to make maybe $80k per year (basically poverty level in SF) how does Motel 6 pay for their wages? Just by reducing profits? Agree on your first points, but if I’m running a small hotel and need to have it cleaned, where does the money come from. Am I insane or does our country have an absolute obsession with destroying itself from within? Over the last 100 years we’ve only seen the paltriest amount of wage increases while watching everything else skyrocket in terms of cost, gouging, and the wealthy continually fucking the rest of us over. This is a class war people.

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