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And to that point, wtf does having the ‘3rd most recoveries in the US’ have to do with masks? Masks don’t help sick COVID patients recover, they simply make it harder to spread the virus. He made them seem unimportant by nixing them last week so of course, people won’t be taking it seriously now. Also, what does wearing the Pretty Hair Stylist 2020 Mask Shirt? I would have thought hospitalization, plenty of rest and drinking lots of warm fluid would help the recovery rate. And yes I’m seeing fewer and fewer people wear masks now, it’s kind of flip-flopped, a lot of people seem to think the crisis is over and the virus has been eradicated. As a person in that industry, those people are pushy as fuck.

Pretty Hair Stylist 2020 Mask Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Pretty Hair Stylist 2020 Mask Tank Top
Tank Top
Pretty Hair Stylist 2020 Mask V-neck

70% of them went nuts and started to abuse the use of “a doctor’s note” in order to open up. They also think they are cleaner than a fucking hospital! It’s insane. Until this crisis, I had no idea how many men get haircuts every three weeks and cannot function without them. Or how many women still get their hair “done” and would rather die than not be able to do that for a couple of months. I am more on the Pretty Hair Stylist 2020 Mask Shirt. But yes, you would be surprised what kind of shit they would pull to get some clients in the door. Retail to go turned into nails or hair to go. Also, I watched massage therapists, stylists, and techs post pictures from the beaches this past weekend. It’s…I don’t even know anymore.

Official Pretty Hair Stylist 2020 Mask Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Pretty Hair Stylist 2020 Mask Sweatshirt
Pretty Hair Stylist 2020 Mask Hoodie

Not sure why he’s trying to act like things are better. Just admit shit is the same but we need to open up and old people will be sacrificed. Just parroting justification for his decisions he heard from his constituents while basking in the acclimations accredited to the healthcare workers. Really just your run of the mill political address. This is absurd. I won’t be going anywhere until I see what happens to the people who are dumb enough to go get their Pretty Hair Stylist 2020 Mask Shirt. He said that they could have more customers as long as they followed the social distancing guidelines of six feet between teams. No problem and thank you for doing this. Btw, he also added that hair salon stylists and customers should wear masks.

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