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Great write up. I just finished Jedi’s fallen order last night and what an awesome game it is. From reading your opinions of tomb raider I’d say you’d love fallen order as well. Pros- awesome Star Wars story, satisfying combat- rally makes you feel like an Awesome Act Love Walk Micah 68 Shirt. And ‘tombs’ with great puzzles. Cons- combat can be challenging. It is very much parry/dodge and defense based- prepare to die a lot until getting the mechanics down. Saying that the more you upgrade the funnier it gets with some really cool abilities. It’s a Metroidvania so if you don’t like backtracking this might put you off. You’ll do a fair bit of returning to planets multiple times as you unlock new abilities.

Awesome Act Love Walk Micah 68 Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Awesome Act Love Walk Micah 68 Tank Top
Tank Top
Awesome Act Love Walk Micah 68 V-neck

Collectibles- finding chests is kinda pointless in this game. Please tell me, How many hours do you play a day? that is such an incredible list of played games, I kinda envy you, because although I have quite a lot of free time, I spend most of it wondering what to play next. On works nights maybe a few hours throughout the week, weekends I’ll put in 12 or so. With the quarantine, I’m at home and my Awesome Act Love Walk Micah 68 Shirt. I’ll usually stay up through to the next morning playing. It isn’t all I do though it seems like it. Before COVID it was work, lift, hang out with the GF, play. Now it’s left, write, hang out with her when she’s home, play. It’s been pretty great. Not really into games with heavy RPG elements or JRPGs.

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Awesome Act Love Walk Micah 68 Sweatshirt
Awesome Act Love Walk Micah 68 Hoodie

For entertainment, my taste in movies and TV is a lot more varied, but gaming is pretty narrow. Same man! Getting slaughtered in MP isn’t exactly the fun time that a good SP campaign is. I’ve pretty pumped for some of the Awesome Act Love Walk Micah 68 Shirt. Outside of all the misery and uncertainty of quarantine, I’ve been digging it. I absolutely played The New Order and loved it, but I played it on 360, so it didn’t qualify for this particular list. I’m all caught up on the Wolfenstein reboot. I loved the new Tomb Raider games and from a pure gameplay perspective, I prefer them to Uncharted. The latter excels in characters and story, but tomb raider’s combat had a much more visceral feel and the traversal is incredibly fun.

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