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It is a form of play or art, or it can be used to examine common themes and tropes in media. I first ran across it around 2007-2008. But haven’t seen many Baby Yoda Hug Food Lion Coronavirus Shirt with this technique since about 2012ish. Think of it as a modern version of Jung’s archetypes, or Joseph Campell’s Hero with a Thousand Faces. It’s a method of looking for underlying themes and similarities, coincidences and synchronicities, from different elements of reality. If you skim the post and assume that OP is suffering from mental illness and that your erroneous conclusion paradoxically gives you the right to abuse someone you believe suffers from mental illness, then your comment will be removed and you will be banned.

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I remember reading something like this years ago about Leonardo DiCaprio. His movie character at the end of the movie is. Where his next character begins. I mentioned this to a Baby Yoda Hug Food Lion Coronavirus Shirt. Who loves to watch and study movies, he said people like Hanks and DiCaprio follow the model of the “old stars”…classic movie actors from early films are essentially the “soul” of their characters. They play the same type of dude in nearly every movie so that they almost aren’t acting at all but simply projecting different versions of themselves. In the same way that Emma Watson seems like the “real” Hermione, DiCaprio could easily be the “real” Gatsby.

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One final note, a mile is quite a Baby Yoda Hug Food Lion Coronavirus Shirt to cover. I can show satirically how every Starbucks in the country is within 1-mile of each other and provide that as empirical proof of concept of a deep state cover-up when in reality, 1-mile is a fairly significant distance. I’m not in any way discounting your observations, only stating my own in regards to what I know… Graham Hancock, for example, has proven that every pyramid on the planet is on specific magnetic lines, which is a significant find. On the other hand, I’m not sure what it means that two temples are 666 miles apart? But I’d love to hear you elaborate. I not baiting you. I am sincerely interested.

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