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My question is why you didn’t feel the need to communicate more frequently and way earlier than now? People have been expecting a Major Update to drop since March. And this Subreddit has been filled with complaints about the Funny Skeleton Better Days Shirt. It’s obviously not you guys fault that people had their expectations up each month. But you still could have stepped in since you obviously knew the update won’t be ready any time soon. I can’t believe how many times I’ve quoted you guys by now in which you claim. That you will “Step up your communication game”, which is the same sentence you’ve repeated multiple times the past 2 years in one way or another without actually ever-improving.

Funny Skeleton Better Days Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Funny Skeleton Better Days Tank Top
Tank Top
Funny Skeleton Better Days V-neck

At least from my subjective perspective, I can’t really spot a difference in more communication compared to 1 or 2 years ago, but for sure the amount of Seths Design Posts, etc. dropped down to 0. There has been one great thing you guys did in order to keep the community aware of what is happening, and that has been your Funny Skeleton Better Days Shirt, which you’ve abandoned after only a couple of times, claiming the reason for that was the Community backlash apparently telling you these posts don’t contain enough information to be useful, despite when checking the comment section below those most of the comments I see are either positive and thank you for the post, or just normal content-related questions.

Official Funny Skeleton Better Days Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Funny Skeleton Better Days Hoodie
Funny Skeleton Better Days Sweatshirt

Also, a couple of months ago you’ve hired a new Community Manager “Daria”. So obviously you felt the need to have a second person responsible for staying in contact with the community. But as far as I can remember she only staid for a couple of days/weeks here on Reddit and quit the job afterward. Why is this second position still open after all this time? I feel like Brawlstars as well as Clash of Clans Community Managers are way more active. And interactive towards the Funny Skeleton Better Days Shirt, as well as on Twitter. There are so many other things which could be talked about which seemingly have been abandoned, but don’t wanna make this too long. This is not supposed to be a rant or anything.

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