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You are a loser. You are getting enjoyment out of seeing people properly unable to live Nice Unicon This Is My Hangover Shirt their lives. This will end and you will still be a loner. Thankfully. I’ve been dealing with depression my entire life and have learned some great coping skills and am on the correct meds. But, finding out how many people in my circle are selfish assholes is difficult to handle. Especially when they know I am especially vulnerable to covid and don’t care. It makes me feel very sad and alone. I understand and please know you’re not alone. There are A LOT of us out there who are just as shocked and saddened by the stupidity of our fellow humans. We’ll get through this.

 Nice Unicon This Is My Hangover Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt, And Hoodie

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Same here. I had a best friend for the past 15 years- she’s a little selfish but caring Nice Unicon This Is My Hangover Shirts so there’s lots of drama but in the end, we stuck together for a long time. She says she is “quarantining” but constantly goes on dates with new dudes or out to picnics and stuff. Lots of restaurants. She’s in LA. I tried to talk to her about it and we ended our friendship. These people who just don’t care about the overall health of those who are most at risk, they’re people you never would have guessed. Not necessarily the anti-maskers, but people who just don’t feel like putting any of their life on hold and don’t care about repercussions.

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