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Autism awareness month would be great if it meant that people were becoming aware of what autism actually is rather than just being aware of its existence. So yeah. I’m with ya. The problem is that they’re becoming “aware” of an often ill-defined stereotype. That’s out of touch with the actual deeper and organic experiences of the Official Autism Awareness Sunflower Gift Shirt. And consequently sliding deeper into ignorance as a result. It’s become a period to spread poorly cobbled together, outdated misinformation. The way I see it, people are aware of autistic people; can’t even count how many times people have called me a r*tard, and seen people physically hurt someone knowing damn well they’re on the spectrum. Neurotypicals are “aware” of autistics they simply just don’t care.

Autism Awareness Sunflower Gift Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women’s

Official Autism Awareness Sunflower Gift V-Neck
Official Autism Awareness Sunflower Gift Tank Top
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One of my younger brother (who has his own mental issues) would get mad at me and call me an autistic freak. My parents treated me, and at the Official Autism Awareness Sunflower Gift Shirt. I’m not. Different is not broken. My mom always told me that I wasn’t normal. She used that to degrade and devalue me. Because they thought I was broken. I didn’t get help from them in learning how to live with autism. I’ve had to learn how to ‘compensate’ on my own, and I turned out better for it. My mom thinks it’s alright for her to tell people that I’m autistic, and I don’t like it. Next time somebody mentions that my mom told them I’m autistic. I’ll tell them “she doesn’t have my permission to tell people that. I’m able to pass as ‘normal’.

Official Autism Awareness Sunflower Gift Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Autism Awareness Sunflower Gift Sweatshirt
Official Autism Awareness Sunflower Gift Hoodie

And most people don’t even know I’m autistic unless they have a pretty good grasp of what autism looks like. She wants to play it up to make me sound more severely autistic than I am, and to make her sound like a saint for dealing with such a hard to deal with an autistic children ren, and that is far from true. That’s a completely honest response. My parents and my middle brother love using my autism as an Official Autism Awareness Sunflower Gift Shirt. I’m so sorry to hear that you went through that growing up. As someone that can typically pass as NT too, I really don’t like telling people I have autism either. When I have, it hasn’t gone over the best. My son has Asperger’s like me and, while I am trying to get him assistance with hiding his autistic traits.

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