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I think it’s because under SOPA credit card companies would be forbidden from servicing blocked sites. Exactly. What is funny about this is that the Official Bulldog Tattoo Motor Harley-Davidson Cycles Shirt. But they have no problem serving the piracy and forgery industries. You seem to claim that only actual piracy/forgery traffic will be blocked, whereas this is not even close to the case. There would be huge amounts of collateral damage in terms of normal perfectly legal traffic. And many sites would feel pressured to take themselves down at the first sign of claims being made against. Whether those claims were spurious or not because of the huge penalties if the claims are accurate.

Bulldog Tattoo Motor Harley-Davidson Cycles Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women’s

Official Bulldog Tattoo Motor Harley-Davidson Cycles V-Neck
Official Bulldog Tattoo Motor Harley-Davidson Cycles Tank Top
Tank Top

The Business Software Alliance’s support for the PROTECT IP Act hasn’t wavered. Also, they didn’t oppose SOPA like the other opposition groups. They said that it “needs work”. And that only after it starts to get bad press. This what resulted in the “manager’s amendment” that added just before the Official Bulldog Tattoo Motor Harley-Davidson Cycles Shirt. As the bill’s sponsor said, “the changes in the manager’s amendment reflect conversations with representatives from companies like Microsoft and Facebook. And seek to address technical concerns with the first draft”. I think it’s fair to assume that they now support the amended version of the bill.

Official Bulldog Tattoo Motor Harley-Davidson Cycles Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Bulldog Tattoo Motor Harley-Davidson Cycles Sweatshirt
Official Bulldog Tattoo Motor Harley-Davidson Cycles Hoodie

The bill isn’t only about online piracy… That’s just the buzz word and what the most vocal opponents (almost all from the tech industry mind you) are using as their examples. It’s also aimed at stopping foreign forgeries being sold on “rogue websites” (their term, not mine) by making the “rogue websites” unavailable. With that in mind, you can see why companies like Zippo, the various watch companies. And the drug companies are on the support list. They all have cheap versions of their products being sold and they want it to stop… They feel like this will help. I bet if one day one of these companies discovers the cure for cancer. They’ll try to keep an Official Bulldog Tattoo Motor Harley-Davidson Cycles Shirt.

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