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The police aren’t going to care or do anything about a situation easily written off an accident. Official If You Lick It They Will Come Shirt your job to protect your child. But making a report would at least result in a paper trail should something else happen. Also, it shows that ppl are not just going to bend over and not try to do something when she assaults people like that. The police won’t necessarily do anything. I’ve worked with an organization that was an alternative program to jail and fines for teens. Many of the charges were for battery, sometimes on a family member, sometimes not. I’ve had cases where the kid put their hands on their mom and the police were called and the kid was charged.

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The cops are not going to fix that you have enabled Rachel over all the years. The Official If You Lick It They Will Come Shirt are not the surrogates for the things you should have done – and the cops are not surrogates for what you have to do in the future. You just want to hide behind them, so you don’t have to deal with punishing Rachel yourself. I feel bad asking my kids to come to holidays with Trump supporters who won’t about how great he is. If any of those people personally attacked one of my kids they would never see them again.

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I agree that it’s best with proof, Official If You Lick It They Will Come Shirt seriously how would an accidental hand step with normal standing pressure end someone’s boxing career? I’m surprised the boxing girl had the restraint not to sweep that leg.  I think the bullying against OP’s daughter seems more like those between close family members or siblings. So it may not necessarily escalate to other people. I had a cousin very close in age to me, and we would fight like siblings. You still didn’t say anything in your post about cutting your sister and her family out of your life. Refuse to attend events where they are. See your parents separately. Protect your child.

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