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I know my mom works in the next County over the courthouse. (PDO) and there are days throughout the year that I’ll go to work with her to put files into the proper draws for those files, box up old case files to be put in storage. Most of the people there are women some going there actually saves their backs from having to live the Official Merry Christmas Cousin Eddie Shitter’s Full Shirt. And sometimes while I’m in the filing room put the files away. I listen to the chatter in the office because I kind of find it entertaining clients that are there because of a crime they committed for the dumbest of reasons. Or I get to hear about all of the crazy people that come in there too. Lik… Oh, that’s right I can’t share anything that I hear in there.

Merry Christmas Cousin Eddie Shitter’s Full Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women’s

Official Merry Christmas Cousin Eddie Shitter’s Full Tank Top
Tank Top
Official Merry Christmas Cousin Eddie Shitter’s Full V-Neck

Ok, I was not there, and as I said, if I am wrong I apologize. If you tried to fix it and they refused, good for you. But unfortunately, the citizens either did or will pay the cost. The guilty parties will walk. It’s too bad the government works that way. Do they have an Official Merry Christmas Cousin Eddie Shitter’s Full Shirt? Hopefully, you will pursue the fire service if it is still something you want to do. I have a passion for the profession, it has its soft white underbelly as all organizations. HQ is mostly politics but suppression is a different animal. It’s mostly guys (and gals) that do it for the right reason. You will always find those that get into it for the hero status and they usually end up going away. That being said, after 25 years I STILL love and look forward to every shift. Oh, sorry for the acronyms.

Official Merry Christmas Cousin Eddie Shitter’s Full Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Merry Christmas Cousin Eddie Shitter’s Full Sweatshirt
Official Merry Christmas Cousin Eddie Shitter’s Full Hoodie

I read a little of your post. I never could tell exactly what they did to piss you off, but I do not doubt that they did something stupid. And it sounds like you followed the SOG/SOP’s in documenting the “first report of injury”. A lot of departments are good boy networks, especially volunteer depts. That being said, what’s the point of the novel? It seems if you really wanted to fix the Official Merry Christmas Cousin Eddie Shitter’s Full Shirt. You would have tried to change management, not shoot for a payday. In a volunteer dept. as well as a paid department, ultimately the taxpaying citizen is the boss. Sounds like you made them the victim. Are the same people running the department? If so you fixed nothing.

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