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An hour later, Bradford was crammed into an Official Pitbull Dog I’m An Adorable Deadpool Shirt. And one increasingly-nervous keychain as they rolled through the Entry Control Point for MOB Tolkien. Ahead, the portal yawned before them. Roughly oval-shaped, it was four times as long as it was high. The clear, sunny San Diego sky visible through the portal was jarring against the low overcast-turning-vanilla skies of Gala, clearly marking the portal even without the pale-green glow of the force wall that framed its edges and back. The Humvee rumbled and rattled along the packed and scraped dirt and gravel inside the MOB’s expanding perimeter.

Pitbull Dog I’m An Adorable Deadpool Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Official Pitbull Dog I’m An Adorable Deadpool V-Neck
Official Pitbull Dog I’m An Adorable Deadpool Tank Top
Tank Top

Tamriel’s night had been long and exhausting. He had skirted around the edge of the keychain and human camp, staying well away from the harsh, unnatural lights and any patrols they might have. The human camp was not his target. The journey to the Official Pitbull Dog I’m An Adorable Deadpool Shirt. Without the ambient mana fields of a mage tower, he was left to subsist on what mana he could draw from the ether on his own, and what food he had brought with him. The forest he traveled through was young, and unfamiliar to him. Wild and untrained, the trees had forgotten their masters and had no concern for him.

Official Pitbull Dog I’m An Adorable Deadpool Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Pitbull Dog I’m An Adorable Deadpool Hoodie
Official Pitbull Dog I’m An Adorable Deadpool Sweatshirt

But by then, he was slipping through the portal, setting foot onto another world. His reserves waning critically low, he ran across the open field on the alien side of the portal. Another wall presented itself. And with a desperately-short surge of mana, he danced over it. His energy failing, he threw himself across the Official Pitbull Dog I’m An Adorable Deadpool Shirt. Past more humans and their strange constructions and vehicles. With the last of his reserves, he stumbled down an embankment and into a small grove of trees that had never known an elven master. His reserves depleted, the spell failed, and he collapsed.

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