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The recent CM Punk one was pretty awkward. Opening the interview with a snarky pre-produced video was low class and tainted the atmosphere. And also got away from the format of a barebones one on one interview a la charlie rose. It came off as much more confrontational and antagonistic than any other wrestling interview. I’ve seen of his, which wasn’t helped by it being done via satellite rather than in person like all the others. They had lots of wrestlers on the Official Stone Cold Steve Austin 3-16 Shirt. And Undertaker was the American Badass at the time. So it wasn’t all that kayfabe-breaking is my guess. He was supposed to do Austin’s after 30, but I think what happened was they just never got the chance, to do it.

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He would have been fine by the time they did the podcast, I believe Austin talked about Taker being on to do it months after the announcement, and it just never happened. I think at the time, Taker believed he was going to retire. And that would be a good final point on his career, doing an Official Stone Cold Steve Austin 3-16 Shirt. But decided to come back, which means he wouldn’t do a shoot interview. Austin said on his own podcast he didn’t have heat with WWE and people didn’t believe him. One of the top questions on Jericho’s AMA was what his thoughts were on Austin’s “heat” with WWE. Wrestling fans can be really embarrassing. SO much for all those Austin and WWE have heat with each other BS.

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Probably a lot of it is just people believing what they want to believe. People love to hate WWE and Stone Cold is still beloved so it made for a dramatic story. It makes sense that people would want it to be true. Honestly, you wanna talk the Official Stone Cold Steve Austin 3-16 Shirt. Arn Anderson and Bret Hart are nowhere near Cornette. This man inhabits some odd plane of existence where his word is the law. There are still some dipshits here who think they know what goes on between Vince McMahon and Steve Austin. That Hogan podcast will be epic. Steve doesn’t give a shit at all. The thing is Hogan has so much experience bullshitting, that he can easily blur the lines of reality. It’ll be a great battle of minds on this show.

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