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Here is a completely Original I Brake For Dragon Bumper Shirt. Personal anecdote of what I see as a trend with only my own eye. But to me, it seems in the last 4 years under this administration, the number of people who talk like Trump. Who argues and debates with the logical fallacies of Trump, who try to “win” discussion with an appeal to primitive emotion like Trump, has skyrocketed in all aspects of normal life in America. When he won the election I was flabbergasted people took his form of speaking. And persuasion as fact and followed his words hand in hand. We need them to be better than they have been. AOC and Ro Khanna have been amazing.

Original I Brake For Dragon Bumper Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt, And Hoodie

I Brake For Dragon Bumper Tank Top - Design by Thefirsttees.com
Tank Top
I Brake For Dragon Bumper V-neck - Design by Thefirsttees.com
I Brake For Dragon Bumper Hoodie - Design by Thefirsttees.com
I Brake For Dragon Bumper Sweatshirt - Design by Thefirsttees.com

Fast forward a few months to years after that Original I Brake For Dragon Bumper Shirts. You see it on internet comments on news and social media sites, you see it on every controversial subject discussion on Reddit, you hear it when you are at a bar with your friends. Hear it in damn online video games text and voice chats, and worst of all there has been an obvious proliferation of internet-based entertainment. And content like Ben Shapiro and the new-age-Limbaugh’s all making lucrative careers out of it. Trump is the puppet and Putin will still have his media.

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16 reviews for Original I Brake For Dragon Bumper Shirt

  1. malinda burroughs (verified owner)

    Nice shirt

  2. Wayne H (verified owner)

    I was blown away by the shirt’s graphics. The color is more of a navy blue than the rest of my Mountain blue tee shirts. Once again I am very pleased with the fit and feel of a sturdy tee shirt. I received the item on Veterans Day, when the regular mail wasn’t delivered. Thanks again Amazon for providing a great item. I will definitively will be buying more tee shirt like this one. again

  3. DeeDeep (verified owner)

    Here is another of The Mountain quality T-Shirts. I absolutely love this T-Shirt. Even though I ordered it for a Christmas gift, I may order one for me. Love it that much. Sometimes, when I get a T-Shirt in for someone else, I just have to get one for me, if I really like it. (I’ve even been known to Keep the T-Shirt & get them something else.) I know, that’s terrible but, “I like T-Shirts.” Gee, that kind of sounds like Kavanaugh saying, “I Like Beer.”

    I do recommend this, as The Mountain has a Winner here. The colors are great, I love the dragon & it’ll be one of your favorites too. Thank you for reading my review.

  4. justme (verified owner)

    I have ordered from this company more than once, and have never been disappointed. They fit as expected, the ink on past shirts is still vibrant after many many washings. The quality of the material is very good. This newest shirt is the same quality I have come to expect and the designs offered are really really great!

  5. Brett La Rue (verified owner)

    My Son really loves the feel of these shirts. He will hardly wear anything else. They are offered with a nice selection of graphics but I think he would wear them even if they did not have the graphics because he really likes the way it feels on his skin. He is VERY picky about that. They wash and wear very well. The shirt fits as expected.

  6. Toha (verified owner)

    Though the shirt is small on me, the quality is very high. I’ll figure out the correct size to order to get the fit and feel i need. I will order much more from this company.

  7. Michelle Mirabal (verified owner)

    I’ve been purchasing the mountain tshirts for over 20 years. I started out using the tshirts for fund raising and they were a hit. The quality and designs are better than expected with every shirt I buy. They are the only shirts I wear and I get complements all the time.

  8. Sylvie (verified owner)

    The graphic is amazing and brilliant I was thrilled to read the label and see that it was printed in the USA sewn in Mexico! It means a lot to me to have the original artist credited for their work. I am a female and ordered am M in stead of the S. I usually wear XS – S the for shirts but I sized up from the reviews. The shoulders where a bit big the chest fit well like a normal male shirt and the fit through the hip was tight. I have 34 in chest 26 hip. This shirt is a rectangle not an hourglass shape so it doesn’t show my true waist but is tight around my hips.

  9. Dakota Chase (verified owner)

    Oh it is beautiful. And the picture on the shirt is exactly as online. Very well done. Very beautiful. I am looking forward to showing it off and buying more of their shirts.

  10. Eric Div (verified owner)

    Great product for the price. The mountain is the best shirts I have ever bought. They last hundreds of washes before the art starts to fade. I’ll be back many more times in the future. A+ RATING.

  11. heartnbutterfly (verified owner)

    I bought this as a birthday gift for my husband. He’s a large man, & finding plus size clothing that fits him properly is difficult. Normally T-shirts are too short for him & his stomach hangs out. This one was just the right size, covered his stomach so it stays tucked in, is soft, & the design has not faded at all. It hasn’t shrunk excessively in the wash either. He loves the shirt. If you’re thinking of ordering omne, but are concerned about sizing issues or if the design will fade, let me put your mind at ease. I held off on writing this review to see how it would hold up over a little time. His birthday was March 15 & it’s May 16 today. He has worn this shirt often in the past 2 months, as well as another that I bought from the seller for our 9 year old daughter to give him as a gift. Both have held up well.

  12. Pamela K. (verified owner)

    Heavier made to hold it’s shape.

  13. J.V. Starke (verified owner)

    I like the design and it came out well, the shirt is of good weight, the tie-dye pattern in the background is a nice touch as usual. My only gripe is that from shirt to shirt the sizing is extremely variable. I’ve had one too small by far, one larger than expected, and this one is just a touch tighter than I like through the chest and sleeves. Length is generous and since I’ve never had one of their shirts shrink through the wash, I’m going to keep it.

  14. PageTurner (verified owner)

    Love the shirt and the design. It definitely bled in the first wash, even on cold, and the feel of the shirt wasn’t quite the same after washing. Hoping it will soften up again over time.

  15. Albert Amiot (verified owner)

    With CoVid-19, my son has put on some weight. He’s bigger than he thought.

  16. jplll (verified owner)

    I have purchased several other 3x Mountain men shirts and they all fit great but this 3x was more than 2 inches smaller in diameter than his other shirts. The material is also a lighter weight fabric than the older shirts. I am very disappointed. I tried ordering from a different vendor with the same result so it must be the manufacturer. If someone needs a 3x to fit it is obviously not going to fit if they change the width. I had to pay for the return on one of the shirts which I wouldn’t have had to return if they had maintained the size the shirt use to be.

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