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Wait until they find out that, and Jews all worship the same Abrahamic God. Once I saw a guy get really Premium Truck Drivin’ Like Crazy To Support The Lazy Shirt offended when he heard the guy at the convenience store say as he thought it had the word “Allah” in it. I’m guessing he had no problem with the word adios or bidding someone adieu. That’s semi-true. Christians in my country refer to god as Rabb (which also means god) or the father. Allah doesn’t mean god literally but it’s a derivative of the word all. Also with common use, Allah just becomes the Muslim god so the guy in the comment is not totally wrong because how otherwise would we refer to the Islam god. Wait till he finds out Eid is the story of Abraham.

 Premium Truck Drivin’ Like Crazy To Support The Lazy Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt, And Hoodie

Truck Drivin’ Like Crazy To Support The Lazy V-neck- Design By
 Truck Drivin’ Like Crazy To Support The Lazy Tank Top- Design By
Tank Top
 Truck Drivin’ Like Crazy To Support The Lazy Sweatshirt- Design By
 Truck Drivin’ Like Crazy To Support The Lazy Hoodie- Design By

Great use of troglodyte! Very amusing. Troglodyte is such an underused word. The word is a Premium Truck Drivin’ Like Crazy To Support The Lazy Shirts translation. Ask any theologian and God and Allah are proper names. You don’t go translating Jose into Joseph. They are. The comments are so screwed up that I’m afraid to say anything at this point. You are all dumb asses. Okay, I need to be the devil’s advocate. We need to get picky here as the upvoted comments are showing once again that Reddit is a terrible source for theological discussion: Christians do not worship the same God as Muslims. It’s a small, but fundamental detail that makes them distinctive. Before you downvote me, let me explain.

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12 reviews for Premium Truck Drivin’ Like Crazy To Support The Lazy Shirt

  1. SuzyBear (verified owner)

    Comfy, nice and long, washes like a dream.

  2. TropicThunder (verified owner)

    The fabric is very soft, the design is flawless

  3. Kay P (verified owner)

    good material. thank you

  4. Becca Call (verified owner)

    Really good when ya didn’t sleep well.

  5. DKT (verified owner)

    Sized correctly, washes well.

  6. Reyna (verified owner)

    It’s cute but I’m just not comfortable with the inside of the fabric . It’s not smooth and soft for me.

  7. Michele (verified owner)

    Great to wear to senior exercise class. Opens conversation

  8. Amazon Customer (verified owner)


  9. Peter C. (verified owner)

    Love this shirt. True to size fit, good quality and comfortable.

  10. 3LittleMonkeys (verified owner)

    Great gift for my daughter.

  11. CountryPrincess (verified owner)

    Super comfy

  12. Linda J. Zwart (verified owner)

    Love it! My favorite dwarf. I think it’s going to be one of my favorite t-shirts.

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