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You know I was like ehhh that might be a little too hard on him then Very I Can Show You Some Trash Shirt made the great point that he cheated on his SAHW after she did the job of raising his five kids. Asshole isn’t even the word I’d choose to describe him. If my father were to do this to my mother he would never hear from me again and I’d probably be unable to control my rage if he showed up at the hospital. I love my parents but if one ever hurt the other in this way that would not be true anymore. I’m sure they all understood that when they unanimously voted their father out of being able to visit their dying mother.

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Very I Can Show You Some Trash Tank Top
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I only hope they hold no guilt in their hearts because if Very I Can Show You Some Trash Shirt had any true feelings of love for his wife, platonically or not, he wouldn’t have had an affair or gone about it the way he did. Making that woman’s last moments even more miserable so he could feel better about himself when that’s all he gives a shit about is bizarre. Her kids gave her a death with dignity as best they could. Her death was in no way about poor miserable dad. He can go sit on a fence. There’s also the possibility that he wanted his wife to die so he doesn’t have to say he ever cheated. He can lie to his woman and say he got her after his wife died. Remember the vow, till death do us part, this part he can claim he followed.

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Very I Can Show You Some Trash Sweatshirt
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Except instead of a track Very I Can Show You Some Trash Shirt always wished the streets would freeze over with ice and I could just ice skate on the roads. If it’s an obscure sport then it’s very possible. They may be doing it to promote the sport because no one else will. Soccer has FIFA and all the other well-known sports will have their own orgs promoting the sport. Plus his profile pic does look like the same guy. The account is over a year old, so it seems legit, but then again it doesn’t completely prove that it’s him

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