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Julio’s been killing it the past two seasons. Really bringing an interesting sensibility to the show. And Streeter and Mikey just seem to really get how to write sketch comedy. All great additions to the staff. Fantastic work, it’s a god damn shame that posts like this will hover around an Official Unicorn St Patricks Day Irish Shirt. But some schmuck who posts a sketch from the previous night’s episode nets triple digits. My hats off to you! Amazing contribution!! Thanks a ton! I was able to learn about some writers that I never even knew existed tbh just from picking out my favorite sketches and noticing they’re often written by the same 3 people.

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Oh, and Julio Torres wrote at least part of Office Breakroom. I believe Gary Richardson was part of that too. They were on Insta. And I remember reading a caption that Torres actually confused Cracker Barrel with Crate & Barrel. I’m pretty sure the Talent Show sketch was written by Melissa and Castillo. But of course, we have to wait on either one of them to confirm it. You’re welcome. It’s so frustrating that they don’t list who writes what sketch at the Official Unicorn St Patricks Day Irish Shirt. Even more frustrating when a writer/cast member doesn’t post about the sketch they’ve written lol. I also know that Fred Armisen writes the Californians sketches as well because Bill Hader has said before it was his idea, so not just James Anderson.

Official Unicorn St Patricks Day Irish Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Unicorn St Patricks Day Irish Sweatshirt
Official Unicorn St Patricks Day Irish Hoodie

I don’t think this is true. I think it is very difficult when you don’t agree with most of society, but you can still get out, exercise, enjoy the world while you are here. A bloke in my local was always a total miserable twat. One night someone told me quietly it was. Because he had an Official Unicorn St Patricks Day Irish Shirt, so then I understood. He got hit by a truck and killed biking home from the pub before he exhibited a serious symptom. A true story that sounds like bollocks. I can get as depressed as anyone but when I am ok I just try and take advantage of all the things I love doing. I really like the change of the seasons now.

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